MIDEA Air Conditioners Offers in KSA

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2,029 SR‏ (*Incl. VAT) 2,949 SR‏   
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1,899 SR‏ (*Incl. VAT) 2,699 SR‏   
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2,599 SR‏ (*Incl. VAT) 3,649 SR‏   
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2,429 SR‏ (*Incl. VAT) 3,449 SR‏   
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1,139 SR‏ Incl. VAT
1,289 SR‏  
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1,299 SR‏ Incl. VAT
1,499 SR‏  
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1,679 SR‏ (*Includes VAT)
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2,729 SR‏ (*Includes VAT)
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3,675 SR‏ (*Includes VAT)
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4,200 SR‏ (*Includes VAT)
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7,299 SR‏ (*Includes VAT)
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