Terms and conditions

  • This promotion is valid from 16th Jan 2020 to 22nd Jan, 2020
  • This promotion is applicable at our 7 showrooms in Riyadh only
  • For every purchase from the ‘Digital Category’ (Computers, Gaming, Cameras & Phones: except Apple iPhones,) worth of SAR 1,000, the customer will be eligible for one SAR 50 Voucher on their next purchase
  • The customer is eligible for a voucher worth 50 SR based on above eligibility on subsequent 1000 SR purchases based on above conditions only. E.g. 1000 SR gives one 50 SR voucher, 2000 SR gives two 50 SR vouchers and so on
  • Maximum value of vouchers a customer is eligible would be 500 SR (10 vouchers) i.e. on purchases worth 10,000 SR and above, they are eligible for 10 vouchers only
  • Last day for redemption of the voucher(s) will be 11th March, 2020