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Leading an active lifestyle and staying fit should be something we all strive for. However, going to the gym can be a major inconvenience and it might lead us to get frustrated and to discard our fitness goals. By the time it takes to pack your bag, drive to the gym, find a parking spot, check in and start your routine: you could finish a full workout from the comfort of your own home. Working out at home can be a major time-saver and might be the thing you need to get into the habit of training everyday and finally achieving your fitness goals.

It comes as no surprise that massage therapy is one of the oldest healing practices in history. There’s a reason why people automatically start rubbing an area on their body if it’s hurt or sore.The simple practice of rubbing and stroking areas of our body to relieve stress or ease soreness or increase focus is something that’s instinctive to us and that we find ourselves intuitively doing on a daily basis – so why not do it properly with the right equipment?