Midea 18Kg Top Load Washing Machine - (MAC180N)

Brand: MIDEA Sku: 619134

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Midea 18Kg Top Load Washing Machine - (MAC180N)
Midea 18Kg Top Load Washing Machine - (MAC180N) Midea 18Kg Top Load Washing Machine - (MAC180N)
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Quick Overview:
  • 18 KG Wash capacity
  • 8 programs
  • 700 RPM,Direct Drive,
  • 220v / 60hz
  • Magic Cleaning Filter
  • Transparent Lid
How do I get it?

Information on Midea 18Kg Top Load Washing Machine - (MAC180N) :

Article Number 619134
Model Number MAC180N1


Type Washing Machine
Function Type Fully Automatic
Load Type Top Loading
Washing Capacity 18 Kg
Drying Capacity (Kg) -
WiFi Enabled No
Display Type LCD Screen
Quick Wash Yes
Door Lock Yes
Wash Programmes 8 programs
Dimensions 1065x590x634 mm

Why to buy Midea 18Kg Top Load Washing Machine - (MAC180N) :

Keeps Fabrics Safe and Promotes Effective Washing.

Let your clothes maintain its original quality, have it washed without any damages and discoloration. Modern washing machines provides extra care on your garments, this new feature replaces the old type of washing drum which keeps fabrics safe and promotes effective washing.

Keeps Fabrics Safe and Promotes Effective Washing.

Innovated Washing Process

Innovated Washing Process

This machine can automatically detect the out-of-balance condition during the laundry process and re-arrange to ensure the normal washing process .It not only helps to prevent lint buildup in the laundry tub but also keeps the lint off the clothes. Easy to remove and clean; keep the tub clear.

Transparent Lid

Transparent glass door; convenient for consumer to check the laundry status; elegant appearance.

Transparent Lid

Easy Controls

Easy Controls

With its user friendly controls, you can easily manipulate the mode of your dryer without any hassle. Features a display with button and dial controls that allows you conveniently select that program you want.

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